5 Podcasts for when you need a little life boost

I have to admit I’m a bit slow onto the Podcast scene. Friends had been raving about their powers for a long time – to lift them up, get them through the daily grind, out of a slippery slope, and inspire change. But I just didn’t listen.

Being a purest (Aka a little stubborn at times) my listening portal of choice, Spotify, was used for music and music only. But after hearing my friends’ stories of how Podcasts have helped inspire and motivate them, I decided it was time to extend my Spotify horizons into more than just Tracy Chapman and Springsteen on repeat.

The first Podcast I was recommended to listen to was ‘The Minimalists’, by Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus. It’s about two men who left their high-paying corporate jobs to discover more meaningful lives – Their ethos ‘living more with less’ is the centre-point where a broad range of topics derive from, from how to let go, live more intentionally, and really value the relationships in your life.

With every episode of The Minimalists, I found that these little life-nuggets were planted into my brain – I was hooked on this new world, a world I couldn’t imagine I was once too closed-minded to open.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a library of favourite Podcast pals to sit alongside Ryan and Josh- they’re like little life coaches and kick-starters to help you with whatever life may throw at you.

Here are my top 5 podcasts…For when you need a little life boost.

1. UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN – By Kara Loewetheil

When your brain needs a little de-hazing, life-coaching, feminist confidence and kick-ass motivation.

2. THE MINIMALISTS – By Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus

You’ll realise minimalism isn’t just about throwing your stuff out when you listen to these guys. They’re also the masters of the Documentary ‘Minimalism a Documentary about the Important Things’, which thanks to Amazon you can watch free with this 30-day-free trial.

3. HAPPY PLACE – By Fearne Cotton

Fearne gets up close and personal with some big celebrity names. Gripping, sad, happy and refreshing, it makes you realise we’re all human, we all make mistakes… we all feel feelings.

4. THE GROUND UP SHOW – By Matt D’avella

Listen to Matt when you need some straight up direction, a slap in the face, perseverance, and advice on how to turn your passions into a career.

5. BIGGER POCKETS MONEY PODCAST – By Mindy Jensen & Scott Trench

Mindy and Scott tap into the world of personal finance in a human and relatable way. Their interviews with financial experts and stories from people of all walks of life are refreshing and informative. I’ve learnt a tonne from these guys – a good finance booster to keep you on track.

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